Singapore turns to ‘fusion analytics’ for better transport
Officials in Singapore are looking to use “fusion analytics” to improve the region’s public transport system. Singapore’s Land Transport Authority and public transport operator SMRT will work with IBM and the communications company StarHub to create a “people-centered, intelligent and integrated” public transportation system. Singapore’s public transport system currently... Read more
CityMIND 6.5 helps cities connect to ‘internet of things’
A new platform for smart cities uses data fusion and machine learning to help cities manage events and resources across multiple agencies. CityMIND 6.5, released by AGT International, is designed to encourage knowledge-sharing by bringing together data from sensors, social media and other public and private sources across the... Read more
HP, Swansea U explore best ways to use smart tech
Smart meters, smart-grid technologies, wireless sensors and other innovations all have the potential to reduce energy consumption and improve resource efficiency. But what is the best way to use these tools in an integrated way? That’s one of the questions that a new collaborative effort between HP and Wales-based... Read more
US sets sights on untapped energy data resources
There’s a vast store of energy resources waiting to be tapped in the US, and it’s not gas, solar or uranium. The motherlode, according to the White House and the US Department of Energy, lies in energy data. Public and private information about energy production, consumption and losses could... Read more
Cities look to the cloud for data-driven ‘smarts’
Two cities — one in the US, one in France — have begun using new cloud-based tools to manage their transportation, water and emergency services. Minneapolis and Montpellier are using the tools from IBM to gain better, data-driven insights into their operations. “In any city, an issue may reside... Read more
Kansas City plans for smart services ‘like never before’
Kansas City plans to launch a new network that will enable smart-city services and a “living lab” in its innovation district. In a letter of intent signed with Cisco, city officials have outlined a framework for various pilot projects, including infrastructure sensing, a mobile platform for citizen access, smart... Read more
Building efficiency upgrades save $730m across US
Energy efficiency improvements to more than 100,000 buildings across the US have helped to save more than $730 million in utility costs, according to the US Department of Energy. The department’s Better Buildings Neighborhood Program worked with 41 state and local government agencies and other partners across the country... Read more
London earns top spot as ‘City of Opportunity’
London has earned the top spot in PwC’s latest study of “Cities of Opportunity,” which looks at a range of characteristics and ranks 30 global cities on their overall performance. “Changing demographics, shifts in economic power and the concepts of urbanization being realized are the forces taking the world... Read more
2025 could bring internet everywhere, privacy nowhere
Digital technologies have the potential to make the near future both better and worse in dramatic ways, according to a survey conducted by Elon University and the Pew Internet Project. “Digital Life in 2025” is based on responses from nearly 1500 internet experts and “highly engaged netizens.” Among the... Read more
21 European cities are finalists in Bloomberg Mayors’ Challenge
Twenty-one European cities have been chosen as finalists in the 2013-2014 Mayors’ Challenge competition to find innovative solutions to city problems. The competition is Bloomberg Philanthropies’ first in Europe. The organization, established by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, held a similar competition in the US in 2013.... Read more