Why I love quantified living
The other day I bought a heart rate monitor from Lidl for £16. It works with my iPhone and a whole load of apps. It tells me how I’m doing in all kinds of different ways — especially for how many calories I am burning vs eating. I would... Read more
Singapore turns to ‘fusion analytics’ for better transport
Officials in Singapore are looking to use “fusion analytics” to improve the region’s public transport system. Singapore’s Land Transport Authority and public transport operator SMRT will work with IBM and the communications company StarHub to create a “people-centered, intelligent and integrated” public transportation system. Singapore’s public transport system currently... Read more
NYC eviction data could predict family homelessness
By analyzing eviction data from New York City’s Department of Homeless Services, the SumAll Foundation is working to better identify individuals and families at the greatest risk of becoming homeless. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, more than 53,000 people — among them 12,000-plus families with more than... Read more
How smart can smartphones get? Intelligent enough to predict where you’ll be tomorrow at this time. A team of researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK have developed an algorithm that can capture your movement patterns, as well as those of other people in your social group.... Read more
Will computers one day replace that TV drama favorite, the police detective? Analytics programs might not offer Columbo’s quirky brand of human insight or “Minority Report”-like prescience, but they’re advancing rapidly in their own abilities to put more than two and two together. In other words, it’s no accident... Read more
As the European Union rolls out smart electricity meters and other grid-modernizing technologies, utility companies are facing more challenges than ever. To help them better manage outages, bring on renewable energy sources and juggle a host of new applications, Echelon and Oracle are teaming up to offer them a... Read more
It’s one more sign of how energy is increasingly equivalent to security: From its new Energy Control Center (ECC) in Sunnyvale, California, Serious Energy is now providing round-the-clock energy monitoring for its commercial building customers, much in the way security companies have long offered security-camera and alarm monitoring. The... Read more
A combination of technologies from two companies is aimed at helping utilities get detailed information about grid performance that can help keep energy systems stable and reliable. Tollgrade Communications has developed a new application that works with smart-grid firm Echelon’s Control Operating System (COS) to provide analytics-based insights into... Read more
Utilities often find it hard to help commercial-building operators analyze and reduce their energy consumption, because on-site audits are costly and time-consuming. Using analytics to crunch building consumption data, on the other hand, could make it easier for energy companies to help commercial customers cut their electricity use and... Read more
IBM has created a new Services Innovation Lab aimed at speeding up both its technology service offerings and capabilities. The lab of some 200 technology experts hand-picked from around the company will focus on such projects as applications for mobile computing and smarter networks, cloud computing, advanced analytics and... Read more