Could better tech feed the world?
Could smarter sensors, big data and automation bring about the second revolution in agricultural yields and food production? Many smart people working in IT, robotics and drone technology think so. While the first “Green Revolution” (called that by USAID director William Gaud, who was describing the peaceful yet productive... Read more
Information is not knowledge
If the UK General Election showed anything, it was the mistake of relying on social media to gauge the national mood. Social media failed to accurately reflect what everyone felt. It did show how a proportion of the nation felt. Yet for a while, I was convinced everyone was going... Read more
Robots to lead online tours of Tate galleries
Starting some time this summer, robots at Tate Britain will allow people around the world to remotely explore the art museum’s collection after hours. The project, “After Dark,” was created by a trio that won the museum’s inaugural 2014 IK prize, created to promote ways to “experience art through... Read more
The Singularity is coming. Or is it the Terminator? Or maybe, at long last, we’re on our way to Jetsons-style, automation, where Rosie the Robot handles all the drudgery, freeing up humans to enjoy the good and easy life. It’s hard lately not to notice the proliferation of “rise... Read more
The future of underwater security and pollution monitoring could lie with … a robotic tuna? The US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate is making just that case, as it works to develop an unmanned underwater vehicle whose shape and movements are inspired by the... Read more
A new platform for the industrial internet is designed to help users make the most of machine-to-machine connections and the digital workforce. GE’s PACSystems RXi is a control and computing platform (“PAC” stands for “programmable automation controller”) based on open standards. According to GE, it offers companies a simpler,... Read more
The “internet of things,” as the smart grid is called, promises a new era of efficiency, convenience, automation and clean, sustainable energy. But could it also usher in yet another proliferation of apps that are just as pointless and stupid as, say, the iFart? As we’re still so early... Read more