UK ups cash for green home improvements
Homeowners in the UK are being given additional cash incentives to make energy-efficiency and carbon-reduction improvements. The cash-back programs are also being extended by three months. Homeowners now have until the end of June to submit applications for the government’s Green Deal incentives. Home improvements covered by the program... Read more
Go online and do a search for “energy-efficient office” and you’ll get results numbering in the millions … an overwhelming output for the average entrepreneur who’s just looking for simple, straightforward advice on how to make technology at work more sustainable. So what are the best resources for a... Read more
With wasted electricity accounting for nearly 25 percent of their total energy consumption, industries in the US need a lot more help in cutting their energy use and improving their efficiency, a new industrial coalition says. The policies and investment decisions being made today “do not adequately address energy... Read more
Why is it people continue to do so many things they know aren’t good for them: eating fast food, smoking, bungee-jumping over the Zambezi River and … wasting energy? It’s just human nature: changing habits is hard, even when the case for doing so is staring you in the... Read more
Just days on the job, Britain’s new Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey sent the message that he is serious about the government’s “Green Deal” by creating a new division in his department: the Energy Efficiency Deployment Office, or EEDO. “I’m hugely enthusiastic about energy efficiency,” said Edward... Read more
A common complaint in the “new normal” aftermath of the global financial crisis is that banks, despite receiving massive bailouts, aren’t lending … especially not to small-business owners or individuals. But would they be more likely to issue loans if they could be guaranteed repayment not by billing customers... Read more
There’s more to building an efficient data center than virtualization, advanced energy monitoring and renewables. Two technology companies — ABB and IO — say data centers could be made 10 to 20 percent more efficient by using direct current (DC), rather than alternating current (AC), power. The two firms... Read more
California has fallen from its first-place position as most energy-efficient state, with Massachusetts taking over the title. That’s not a sign that California is doing badly at efficiency, though, but an indication of how many more states are recognizing the importance of saving energy … and money. In fact,... Read more
People across Europe and the US see energy efficiency as an important way to help them save money. But many of them also aren’t getting the information they need to make the most of the efficiency opportunities that are available. That’s according to the results of a just-released survey... Read more
The company behind the technology NASA is using to cut energy consumption at more than 75 data centers has closed on $13.5 million in funding led by ABB. Other investors in Power Assure, which provides energy management software for data centers, include Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Good Energies, and Judith... Read more