Isotera wants to make LED efficiency easy
It wasn’t that long ago that LED lighting was viewed as a great, efficient technology of the future … that is, a technology you weren’t likely to see widely used anytime soon because of its high cost and limited functionality. Today, though LED (for “light-emitting diode”) lighting is easy... Read more
Hate that yellowish light and buzzing coming from the office lighting over your head? A more natural — and shatterproof — alternative might soon be available. Researchers at Wake Forest University have developed a new type of plastic light that’s based on field-induced polymer electroluminescent technology. The nano-engineered polymer... Read more
Picture yourself sitting at work and looking out through a closed window. Now imagine opening that window to let in fresh air and direct sunlight. We all know how much more refreshing the second option is than the first. Why? Part of the reason is that standard glass windows... Read more
Remember the joke solution to staying dry in the rain when you don’t have an umbrella? “I’ll just run between the raindrops.” Well, something along those lines might actually be possible … at least for beams of light in the rain. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute are... Read more
Keeping streets lit at night can end up costing a city a significant amount of money in energy and maintenance expenses over time. And with governments almost everywhere looking to cut budgets these days, municipalities are exploring a variety of ways to lower their streetlighting bills. In the US... Read more
Is “Change your lightbulbs” really a useful answer to the energy and climate challenges we face? While it sounds almost trite today from an individual perspective, switching to more efficient lighting technologies really can make a big difference in energy, money and carbon savings when done on a large... Read more
As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. And the same applies to methods for flaying a government regulation you don’t like. That seems to be the case for US House Republicans who, according to a report released yesterday, have yet to meet... Read more
“Smarter” street lighting could help Japan manage its energy use better while ensuring safety in public spaces at night … two areas of especially great concern in the wake of the deadly earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that hit the country earlier this year. Just such an intelligent street... Read more
A growing number of business owners are coming to understand that energy-saving, efficient technology is good for the bottom line. But at a time when enterprises — commercial or otherwise — are watching every penny, it can be hard to justify the upfront expense, even when such improvements more... Read more
The Northern Canadian Tsay Keh Dene First Nation is turning to solar-powered LED (light-emitting diode) lighting to illuminate an airfield that serves a remote village in British Columbia. The new lights from Carmanah Technologies will help supply and medevac aircraft that fly into and out of the village airfield.... Read more