Could better tech feed the world?
Could smarter sensors, big data and automation bring about the second revolution in agricultural yields and food production? Many smart people working in IT, robotics and drone technology think so. While the first “Green Revolution” (called that by USAID director William Gaud, who was describing the peaceful yet productive... Read more
London tests sensors to keep pedestrians safe
Starting this summer, London will begin trials of a sensor-based system aimed at making it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross busy roads. The technology uses street-based video cameras and a tool called SCOOT (for “split cycle offset optimization technique”) to automatically detect how many pedestrians are waiting... Read more
A smarter power grid means making the most of energy wherever it’s located, and bringing waste to a minimum. One technology company is taking that goal to a whole new level with an IPv6 wireless sensor network that’s completely self-powered. California-based Dust Networks plans to demonstrate its SmartMesh IP... Read more
Successfully deploying 44 synchrophasors hardly sounds like a big deal, until you realise what those devices can mean in terms of keeping the lights on. Integrated across a regional power transmission network, that relatively small number of devices can “bring a new level of situational awareness to grid operators,”... Read more
On-Ramp Wireless has released its Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU), a smart grid and infrastructure-monitoring device. In its first application deployment, the RMU provides specific functionality for monitoring and automatic alarm notification of solar-powered and line-power obstruction warning lights in electric transmission towers, cellular towers and other obstacles as required... Read more