European Audis, VWs to add high-speed internet
European vehicles from Audi and Volkwagen will soon be coming with smarter, machine-to-machine connectivity. Both automakers recently signed a deal with Vodafone in which new vehicles will be equipped with an embedded SIM chip developed especially for the auto industry. The technology will provide drivers with high-speed internet access... Read more
In the not-too-distant future, the cars we drive could become a lot smarter — and safer — thanks to something called Car-to-X communication. Researchers working on smart-car technology say they recently achieved a breakthrough involving the wireless exchange of information not only from vehicle to vehicle, but from vehicle... Read more
smart has unveiled a new green driving initiative called “smart eco driving.” The initiative was announced alongside the launch of the smart fortwo cdi, the lowest-CO2 -emitting car in production. smart eco driving aims to encourage drivers to adopt smarter driving techniques via a tutorial showing them how they... Read more