HP, Swansea U explore best ways to use smart tech
Smart meters, smart-grid technologies, wireless sensors and other innovations all have the potential to reduce energy consumption and improve resource efficiency. But what is the best way to use these tools in an integrated way? That’s one of the questions that a new collaborative effort between HP and Wales-based... Read more
Modernized grid cuts carbon, energy costs
The UK government has set out its vision for how to modernize the energy grid for better efficiency, lower carbon emissions and improved energy security. The “Smart Grid Vision and Routemap” was released today by the Smart Grid Forum, a body created by the Department of Energy and Climate... Read more
People prefer ‘smart grids’ with local energy
There are lots of different ways to define the “smart grid,” but a new study shows people prefer an approach that promises to reduce their energy expenses and lets households generate a significant amount of their own electricity. “Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK,” a... Read more
Tampering scandal hits Malta’s smart-grid ambitions
Malta’s smart-grid ambitions are taking a hit in light of an emerging scandal over what appears to be systematic tampering with smart meters. The Malta Independent today reported that a ninth employee of the Enemalta utility has been suspended on suspicions of meter tampering. The first eight employees were... Read more
Tiny island in Azores moves to greener, smarter microgrid
When it comes to renewable energy, too much of a good thing has in the past been a problem. Germany, for example, has brought online a massive capacity for wind and solar power. On especially windy or sunny days, though, it’s discovered that its new wealth of  renewable supplies... Read more
“Liquid batteries” could provide the answer to the large-scale energy storage challenges of a smarter, cleaner electricity grid. A grid-scale switch to cleaner power such as wind or solar would require some form of energy storage to ensure the lights stay on even when the sun isn’t shining or... Read more
Do people have a right to be inefficient? If that sounds like a strange question, it’s one we’re likely to encounter more often as energy prices keep rising, carbon reduction requirements grow stricter and utilities work to make grids smarter. In the US especially, where a certain proportion of... Read more
As industries mature from the go-go startup era with a zillion different business models, you tend to see a lot of consolidation. Bigger, better capitalized companies snatch up firms with technologies and services that complement their own, and offerings become more well-rounded and standardized. It’s a well-established transition pattern... Read more
Democracies and automobile windshields both work a whole lot better when they’re transparent, and the same appears to be true for utility bills. One of the key arguments in favor of smart electricity meters is that they give users greater insights into how much energy they’re using, when they’re... Read more
China has earned first-place status in the energy world yet again, this time by completing what it says is the “world’s largest battery energy storage station.” Built in conjunction with a 140-megawatt wind- and solar-energy project in Zhangbei, Hebei Province, the station — with arrays of batteries larger than... Read more