US cities target building energy consumption
Cutting the energy consumption of big buildings in 10 big US cities could save nearly $1 billion a year, according to the leaders behind the new City Energy Project. An initiative from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Institute for Market Transformation, the City Energy Project is launching... Read more
What do you do when people — or “consumers,” as they’re called these days — stop consuming because they don’t have money, even for things that could actually save them money over the long run? If you’re like a growing number of cleantech companies, you start getting creative with... Read more
The Texas city of San Antonio is on a $10-million quest to make its buildings smarter and more energy efficient. That’s how much it was awarded in 2009 federal economic stimulus funds for an initiative originally called the Retrofit Ramp-Up program. Now known as the Better Buildings Program, the... Read more
The competitive spirit can inspire people to do some pretty dumb things — competitive eating, anyone? — but it’s also proven to be a good motivator for better energy efficiency. So it’s cool to hear that teams from 245 buildings across the US will be competing against one another... Read more
IBM has announced plans to acquire privately-held TRIRIGA Inc., a Las Vegas, Nevada-based provider of facility and real estate management software solutions. The move aims to accelerate IBM’s smarter buildings initiatives by adding advanced intelligence that improves real estate performance, capital project management and the outcomes of sustainability initiatives.... Read more
Greenbang feels a bit like she’s had three cups of coffee and half a cup of sugar: there’s a maelstrom of information whirling about in her brains and she’s not sure how to get it out. That’s what happens if you read government consultation papers for fun. If you... Read more