Several leading energy companies are expressing interest in working with the British government to make carbon capture and storage (CCS) commercially viable. “This high level of interest proves that the UK is back on track with CCS,” a spokesperson for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) was... Read more
A lot of hope has been placed on developing affordable, scalable technologies that can grab carbon out of the emissions from coal-fired power plants and store it long term to prevent further climate change. As financial concerns continue to weigh heavily on governments on either side of the Atlantic,... Read more
Construction has begun on the US’s first large-scale industrial facility for capturing and storing carbon dioxide. Being built in Decatur, Illinois, the project is being built with the support of federal stimulus funds from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The facility is designed to capture and... Read more
The global commitment to carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies remains strong, according to “The Global Status of CCS: 2010” report released by the Global CCS Institute today. The report identifies 234 active or planned CCS projects ranging across technologies, project types and sectors at the end of 2010,... Read more
Princeton University researchers Stephen Pacala and Robert H. Socolow include it in three of the 15 stabilisation wedge strategies they propose for reducing global carbon dioxide emissions. Economist Lord Nicholas Stern says it’s not optional for fighting climate change … it’s vitally necessary. The “it” in question is carbon... Read more
How can we get kill off the carbon dioxide that’s spewing into the atmosphere thanks to fossil fuels? The US Department of Energy (DOE) wants to bury it deep underground … without having to worry about zombie emissions rising back up into the air. The department today announced 15... Read more
To better understand which technologies can reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, we need to¬† know first how well those technologies work in real life as opposed to on paper. But the US Department of Energy (DOE) isn’t doing enough to provide that kind of information to officials... Read more
Geochemists attending a conference in the US today heard about a new way in which we might be able to safely store carbon dioxide emissions underground: as solid magnesium carbonates or calcium carbonates. Sigurdur Gislason of the University of Iceland described the process today during the Goldschmidt Conference being... Read more
With oil and coal still on track to provide most of our future energy needs — especially in fast-developing countries like China and India — many see carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology as a vital strategy for keeping the economy humming without choking the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.... Read more
Figuring out how to capture and store away carbon dioxide emissions — and then starting to do so soon on a global scale — isn’t optional for our future security … it’s essential, according to the author of a pivotal report on the economics of climate change. In an... Read more