High-carbon suburbs drag down city climate efforts
Densely populated big cities have earned a reputation for being energy- and carbon-efficient places to live. Unfortunately, the sprawling suburbs that typically surround those cities pretty much cancel out those benefits. In fact, US suburbs — while accounting for less than half the country’s population — generate half of... Read more
Don’t buy “carbon-neutral” paper, warns an environmental coalition — that is, don’t believe the hype many paper companies are using to appear green and eco-friendly to consumers. The Environmental Paper Network says the “carbon neutral” label often used for paper doesn’t always reflect the actual environmental impacts. The organisation... Read more
An Oregon-based pallet manufacturer plans to reduce its carbon footprint (PDF) by relocating production operations in Spain and Korea back to a new 50,000-square-foot facility in Portland. GreenLight Pallet Company, which makes lightweight and recyclable corrugated pallets, says the move could also inject as much as $250 million into... Read more
Index provider Standard & Poor’s today launches the S&P US Carbon Efficient Index, which will measure the performance of large-cap US firms that have relatively low carbon emissions. The new index is the first in a series of indices planned to meet investors’ growing demand for environmentally focusing stock... Read more
UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is responsible for far more carbon emissions than three of his EU counterparts, according to a new report from the French eco-publication, Terra Eco. As reported in an article in today’s Yahoo! Green, Brown’s travels last year resulted in the emissions of 8,400 tonnes... Read more
IBM is offering customers a new service that can assess their organisations’ energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions at any level, enabling them to better identify areas for improvement. The Strategic Carbon Management programme could help companies cut their overall carbon emissions by as much as 50 percent, according... Read more
Sun Microsystems today announced it had finished building its new, ├╝ber-efficient data center in Broomfield, Colorado. The company says the facility will reduce electricity costs by more than $1 million (US), cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by 11,000 metric tonnes and trim Sun’s US carbon footprint by 6 percent.... Read more
Who even thinks about the carbon footprint of a carton of orange juice? PepsiCo does, apparently, and the footprint is a surprisingly large one. The New York Times reports this week that PepsiCo, in the course of trying to assess its products’ impact on global warming, found that a... Read more
More head-spinning updates on the “Google searches are melting the planet” brouhaha: the research that reportedly found two Google searches produce as much carbon dioxide as heating up a pot of tea is being refuted not only by Google but by … the researcher himself. The Guardian reports today... Read more
While news stories abound about IT’s growing environmental footprint, geeks everywhere are abuzz today about a Google-centered eco-controversy. The brouhaha centers on one query: how much carbon dioxide does your typical Google search generate? According to Harvard University Alex Wissner-Gross, each Google search is responsible for 7 grams of... Read more