Europe ‘must keep climate ambitions high’
A group of more than 1,000 European cities in “energy transition” is urging the European Council to remain committed to ambitious climate and energy goals for 2030. Energy Cities sent the message based on concerns that the European Commission’s latest proposal “lacks the necessary ambition to meet Europe’s climate... Read more
Restoring London’s rivers could prevent flooding
Restoring London’s rivers and flood basins to their natural state would help protect 24,000 homes from risks of flooding, according to a motion passed by the London Assembly. The motion, passed on Feb. 14, urges Mayor Boris Johnson to prioritize funding for projects that restore natural waterways. “This Assembly... Read more
The bad news is that global carbon emissions are still going in one direction — up — while the latest round of international climate talks in Doha, Qatar, don’t appear to be going much of anywhere yet. The good news is … well, there doesn’t seem to be any... Read more
Climate change could make many of the foods we now take for granted unaffordable in the future. Everything from rice and wheat to meat and fresh vegetables could become far more expensive if average global temperatures rise by more than 2 degrees C, according to researchers at the University... Read more
Cutting emissions of black carbon pollution and the greenhouse gas methane could do more than help control the planet’s rising fever, according to a new study led by NASA. It could also prevent millions of premature deaths and boost the world’s crop yields, the research finds. “Protecting public health... Read more
The fossil-fuel industry might continue to have a tight grip on US politics, but its hold isn’t complete, as this week’s defeat of California Proposition 23 proves. And that should give clean-energy advocates reason for hope, even in the face of what’s likely to be two years of future... Read more
When making the case for an upgraded infrastructure, the cheerleaders of smart-grid technology usually point to benefits like improved energy efficiency and better integration of renewable power sources. One advantage that doesn’t always get mentioned first, though, could prove to be a big one in a world facing a... Read more
For a new website designed to engage the public on all things meteorological, the soon-to-launch theWeather Club is arriving at an especially opportune time, says Dr. Liz Bentley, head of communications for the Royal Meteorological Society and the new club’s founder. With this year’s late spring expected to lead... Read more
Late last month, a group of national security strategists, top researchers and analysts gathered at the Kossiakoff Centre of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, to discuss two big worries that many in the mainstream media might have you believe aren’t causes for concern at all:... Read more
While IT types are hailing 2010 as the “Year of the Cloud,” a new report by Greenpeace raises questions about how ongoing growth of the internet could fuel climate change by increasing demand for carbon dioxide-spewing coal power. On the plus side, the report also shows how IT can... Read more