Here’s a brilliant question I never thought to ask, but someone at Google did: whatever happened to those solar hot water panels President Jimmy Carter had installed on the White House in 1979 (and which were ignominiously dumped seven years later by President Ronald Reagan)? Well, Google not only... Read more
More head-spinning updates on the “Google searches are melting the planet” brouhaha: the research that reportedly found two Google searches produce as much carbon dioxide as heating up a pot of tea is being refuted not only by Google but by … the researcher himself. The Guardian reports today... Read more
While news stories abound about IT’s growing environmental footprint, geeks everywhere are abuzz today about a Google-centered eco-controversy. The brouhaha centers on one query: how much carbon dioxide does your typical Google search generate? According to Harvard University Alex Wissner-Gross, each Google search is responsible for 7 grams of... Read more
Bruce Springsteen was right: “From small things, Mama, big things one day come.” In the case of the University of Michigan (U-M), a small phone call helped set off an ambitious campus-wide programme to reduce computing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. OK, maybe the phone call wasn’t quite... Read more
GE and Google are teaming up to build a “smart” electricity grid and develop renewable energy and plug-in vehicle related technologies. The initial priorities will include: Planning, siting and cost allocation for the transmission capacity necessary to enable large scale deployment of renewable electricity generation in the US Developing... Read more
Hello, sailor. A phrase that might be internet giant Google’s corporate greeting in the future, if it’s latest plans are anything to go by. Spotted in a filing on the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website is a patent submitted by Google last February for a wave-powered floating data... Read more
Imagine if you were watching a production of Romeo and Juliet unfold, only at the end to see Juliet ditch her would-be prince in favour of one of the lesser cast members. The Nurse, perhaps. It would be a bit of a surprise, no? Greenbang is experiencing a similar... Read more
Is Google about to get cosy with Israeli geothermal company Ormat? As Loyd Grosman would have said during his Through The Keyhole stint, “let’s examine thur evidence”. Venture Beat notes Google co-founder Sergei Brin said in an interview with Israeli paper The Marker last week that Ormat is a... Read more
Fancy working for Google? It wouldn’t be a bad gig – the canteen’s legendary and you’d get all the free internet searches you want, although Greenbang would suggest holding out for some of those stock options and your own personal masseuse if she were you. The search juggernaut, you... Read more
If Google was keen on finding a source of renewable energy, Greenbang would humbly suggest building a bonfire out of the wads and wads of large denomination notes that doubtless make up the company’s founders’ pocket change. Just throwing the spare wads of twenties that have slipped down the... Read more