A smarter power grid means making the most of energy wherever it’s located, and bringing waste to a minimum. One technology company is taking that goal to a whole new level with an IPv6 wireless sensor network that’s completely self-powered. California-based Dust Networks plans to demonstrate its SmartMesh IP... Read more
Successfully deploying 44 synchrophasors hardly sounds like a big deal, until you realise what those devices can mean in terms of keeping the lights on. Integrated across a regional power transmission network, that relatively small number of devices can “bring a new level of situational awareness to grid operators,”... Read more
On-Ramp Wireless has released its Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU), a smart grid and infrastructure-monitoring device. In its first application deployment, the RMU provides specific functionality for monitoring and automatic alarm notification of solar-powered and line-power obstruction warning lights in electric transmission towers, cellular towers and other obstacles as required... Read more