BP Solar has signed to three-year deal to buy multi-crystalline solar wafers – the principal raw material used to produce solar cells – from Chinese manufacturer LDK Solar. The deal will see LDK Solar will deliver approximately 435 MW of silicon solar wafers, starting next year, and BP Solar... Read more
Hello sailor! Shipping, along with aviation, is one of the world’s biggest emitters of CO2 but global trade is still massively dependent on this mode of transport for the flow of goods around the world. Anything that can reduce shipping’s carbon footprint is a good thing, both for the... Read more
With mobile networks expanding into sunnier emerging markets, solar power looks set to play an important role in mobile service provision and ABI research is projecting that 335,000 mobile base stations will include solar power by 2013. The shift towards reducing base station power consumption along with improvements in... Read more
Rising energy costs are starting to hurt consumers, encouraging them to look for cheaper or more efficient methods of powering their homes. A Norwich and Peterborough Building Society survey found 69 per cent of people were more likely to install energy efficient features in their homes now compared to... Read more
Tech company HP is aiming to double its global purchases of renewable power from under four per cent this year to eight per cent by 2012. To help meet this new goal HP has unveiled a range of renewable energy initiatives in its facilities, research and products. HP has... Read more
Despite all the doom and gloom about the current economic climate, there could be a boom in jobs in the clean tech and renewable energy sector. At the Reuters Global Environment Summit solar power company SunPower revealed it will add jobs to its US operations due to the extension... Read more
Perhaps in an attempt to harness divine green energy from the ‘Big Man’ himself, the Pope is installing solar panels at the Vatican in Rome. The old decaying cement roof tiles on the Paul VI auditorium will be replaced by 2,700 solar panels capabile of lighting, heating and cooling... Read more
Thanks to Greenbang contributor Rob Ashwell for tipping us off to this great article in the New York Times about the increasing popularity of solar panels – among thieves. The paper says California police are reporting a spike in thefts of solar panels, with many being sold on to... Read more
SolarReserve, a US developer of utility scale solar power plants has filled its boots with $140m in a second round of funding. Financing was led by Citi Alternative Investments’ renewable energy private equity group, Sustainable Development Investments and Credit Suisse’s Customized Fund Investment Group, with other investors including US... Read more
As energy bills spiral and environmental awareness grows, more householders are turning to green ways of saving money on fuel and cutting their carbon footprint. But a new Greener Homes Price Guide by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ Building Cost Information Service claims some green upgrades are better... Read more